The History Of Route 66 And Its Outlook Looking To The Future

Did you know that the original Route 66 was nearly 2,500 miles long? Everyone has likely heard of Route 66, but not everyone has been there. It was actually known by many other names back then, too, nicknames of course. For example, Will Rogers Highway is one of them. What it is known as now is the Historic US Route 66, and it is much smaller and split into segments. Will it survive?

Roads change over time for sure, and you certainly know that the interstate is a big part of travel these days. Still, at least some parts of this highway will always exist, you would think anyway. It is a historic landmark. Since it was originally thousands of miles long, you can imagine people throughout the decades felt they could make necessary changes but still keep some of it going. That is exactly what has happened.

With some of the stretches of Main Street of America missing, it can make you wonder what it would look like today had they not been replaced. Was replacing parts of Route 66 with the interstate absolutely necessary? Some people might certainly question these actions, but hey, at least the highway is still out there for people to see. It is a top attraction in New Mexico, and there are other places you can go to visit Route 66, too. We have a friend that owns a carpet cleaning business ( who just returned from a Route 66 tour, and he said it was more segmented than expected. He ended up having to “connect the dots” as he described it.

Did you know that it has been around since 1926? Did you know that it also inspired a television show? It has been part of the country’s culture for many years, and it is important to recognize that fact when talking about its future. While time might not ever run out on this historical attraction, it still is a good idea to see it in its current state if you haven’t before, in case future changes are ever made. Bring a camera!