What’s Important to Know about Route 66 History?

Route 66 is considered to be one of top tourist attractions in the United States. Route 66 is the legendary US highway that goes through the central part of North America and connects two large US cities – Chicago and Los Angeles. The highway begins in Chicago and ends in Los Angeles. The total length of Route 66 is 2448 miles.

The highway goes through 8 US states (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California). The Route 66 highway connects a lot of small towns too. There are a great deal of cafes, hotels, fueling stations and travel attractions near Route 66. Here, we are going to talk about Route 66 and the most important moments of its history.

The beginning of Route 66 history dates back to 1926. The legendary highway started operating that year. However, it would be interesting to know that only 800 miles of the highway was paved with asphalt by 1926. Route 66 was paved with asphalt completely only in 1937. Route 66 is known under different names such as Historic Route 66, Main Street of America, Will Rogers Highway, Mother Road and others.

Route 66 played an important role in the economic development of the country. The pathway itself helped Americans survive during the hard economical times. Route 66 gained huge popularity during the time of Great Depression when the unemployment rate was very high. A lot of US workers used the highway to travel from one part of the country to another more easily. It is necessary to say that Route 66 helped a lot of US employees find a better job. So, the highway has changed the life of many US families for the better.

Americans didn’t want to destroy Route 66 because it was very important and helped them a lot during the time of the Great Depression. As a result, Route 66 has become a historic US highway and one of the most popular travel attractions of the country. There is still a desire to roll down the windows, breathe in the clean air, and explore what’s around the corner on Route 66.

Route 66 was used by US residents until 1985. Later, the main part of the legendary US highway was replaced with the following freeway routes: I-80, I-55, I-44, I-40, I-15 and I-10. However, it is still possible to drive on the Route 66 today.