Interesting Facts about Route 66

Route 66 is considered to be the legendary and historic highway in the United States of America. The highway was built to link Chicago to Loss Angeles. Route 66 goes through 8 states. Its length is 4000 kilometers.

Route 66 has a very interesting history. The history of Route 66 begins in 1926 when the legendary highway was opened and started operating. Afterwards, the highway was actively used by Americans for several decades. As a result, Route 66 has become one of the major symbols of the country. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Route 66 highway.

It is interesting to know that Americans actively used Route 66 during the Great Depression. The point is that a lot of US residents were unemployed during that period of time. So, many decided to move to California for better life during 1930s. As it is known, Route 66 has helped a great deal of US families survive during tough economic times. It can safely be said that the legendary US highway has changed the life of many Americans for the better.

Today, Route 66 is one of top tourist attractions in the United States. Every year, a lot of Americans and travelers use the highway to drive from Chicago to Los Angeles. Tourists spent a lot of money during their travels on Route 66.

Special attention should be drawn to the fact that Route 66 is an extremely popular highway among bikers. Route 66 attracts a lot of motorcyclists from different parts of the world. The dream of every biker is to drive on Route 66 at least once during their lifetime.

It goes without saying that Route 66 has become one of the most profitable travel destinations in the United States. Route 66 provides travelers with a vast variety of attractions. There are a lot of interesting places that tourists can visit and see during their travel on the legendary and historic highway. The highway offers a lot of historical hotels, restaurants, fast food cafes and places where travelers can always enjoy shopping and buy good souvenirs. No doubt that Route 66 can provide everyone with a memorable travel experience.